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Process Service and Private Investigations 
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At "IN FOCUS" we have delivered a service that has met or exceeded expectations in absolute confidence for our clients for over the last 33 years. We are a full service Private Investigative and Process Service company. Our people are the difference and are some of the best seasoned professionals that the industry has to offer.  Our focus, creativity, tenacity and NEVER NEVER QUIT attitude have made "In Focus "  legendary in the business. 
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How we can help

We can't leap tall buildings in a single bound and, to date, none of us have outrun a speeding bullet, but we do perform the following feats with regularity:
• Complete hundreds of child custody and marital investigations-assisting clients with photographic proof and factual evidence which enables them to resolve their issues or make successful legal presentation.
• Conduct in depth background searches compliling current and prior detailed information on an individual or organization
• Locate witnesses, runaways, or missing persons with astounding results
• Save insurance and self insured companies millions of dollars each year in detected fraud.
• Provide professional process service of legal documents quickly and effectively. 
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Why Chose Us?

  • 100% Confidential & Discreet 
  •  NAPPS Member 
  •  Astounding Results
  •  Free Initial Consultation
  •  29 Years in the Business
  •  Professional & Experienced
  •  Private Investigators located in
Lincoln, NE but serving the whole state of Nebraska
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