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Process Service
Process Serving in Lincoln & Omaha, NE; and the entire state of Nebraska since 1985, has become a major thrust in our investigative network. It requires a timely response and attention to detail. We pride ourselves in our immediate turnaround from assignment to service completion. Over the years we have learned several advantages that enable us to be more effective and quickly make service on your behalf. For us to handle your service, please contact our office in Lincoln, NE at (402) 416-1839
Child Custody in Lincoln, NE

Child Custody Investigations

There's is nothing more important to a parent than the security and well-being of a child. At "In Focus Investigations", we understand what is at stake and it is always our policy to over-deliver in response to this need. Many of us at "In Focus Investigations" are parents ourselves-that's why we assure you that your case will receive our very best effort until the case is completed. 
Child Custody issues require extreme patience, focus, and a strong attention to detail from an investigative standpoint, they demand tenancity, compassion, and a multi-faceted approach to gathering evidence and developing answers.
Please contact our office in Lincoln, NE at (402) 416-1839. we offer compassionate and heartfelt consultations.
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Background Checks

A background check or background investigation is the process of searching and compiling information on an individual or organization.  
After conducting an in-depth search, our "In Focus" team can provide you with detailed documentation including but not limited to:
Private Investigators in Lincoln, NE
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• Person search findings to include current and prior address summary
• Criminal Records/Civil Records
• Warrants/Arrests
• Liens/Judgements
• Asset/Financial
• Automobile/Driving History
• Sex Offender information
• Marriage/Divorce
• Other Pertinent Information

Locates/Missing Persons

Do you have someone you are trying to locate; or do you have a friend or loved one that's gone missing? At In Focus Investigations we're here to help. Our dedicated private investigators are ready to dive in and devote themselves to locating the person you're looking for.
What sets our team apart is the energy, conviction and focus we bring to the table. We understand that a lot is riding on our services and that situations involving a missing person can be complicated, sensitive and emotional. That's why we take a thorough, meticulous approach to our missing persons investigations. Once we get started, you can rest assured that we will work tirelessly to get you the information you have been searching for.
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We will locate missing persons in Lincoln, NE
If a person in your life has gone missing or you would like to locate an old friend, don't give up. Learn how we can help by contacting us for your free confidential consultation.

Insurance Fraud

It is an unfortunate fact that insurance fraud has rapidly increased over the years and is becoming more common than most people want to believe. If you suspect that you have been the victim of insurance fraud or if you are a company looking into a suspicious claim, we can help. Our dedicated and highly experienced surveillance teams are equipped to delve deeply into your insurance fraud matter. Our surveillance teams can provide you with clear, concise, identifiable videotape evidence that can assist you in taking the appropriate action in setting your claims. We will work quickly and tirelessly to get you the answers you're looking for.
Whether you are a self insured company or an insurance company employee, contact us to discuss your case at 402-416-1839.
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Marital Investigations have been a major part of our portfolio over the last 29 years. We understand the intricacies that need to be considered prior to formulating an approach to a marital investigation. Each investigation conducted in this arena is done with the highest degree of confidentiality and each case must be custom-tailored on an individual basis. All cases are documented with video evidence, court-ready reports and exhibits. 
Please contact In Focus Investigations in Lincoln, NE to confidentially discuss your marital investigation at (402) 416-1839. 

Our Specialties

• Child Custody Investigations
• Marital Investigations
• Insurance Fraud
• Background Checks
• Process Service
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